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is pleased to partner with Vic Menard to be the primary Distributor of his most comprehensive text EVER on Newtonian collimation:

Vic Menard's New Perspective on Newtonian Collimation - 5th Edition The long-awaited fifth edition of Vic Menard's classic Newtonian collimation reference manual contains over 30 new illustrations and images, 16 chapters, 80 pages, 25,000 words. It's his first major rewrite in over a decade.

Here's what Vic has to say about this work ....

The fifth edition of New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation is the product of more than five years of online discussions, more than five months of collaboration with Jim Fly and Jason Khadder getting the graphics just right, and more than five weeks of edits (resulting in five draft copies and various tweaks).

New Perspectives in Newtonian Collimation Click for Table of Contents and 1st Chapter Sneak Peak

"New Perspectives on Newtonian Collimation" - 5th Edition

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